About JaseDrive

About JaseDrive

Learning to drive is achieved best by working together as a team, working towards the same goal and enjoying the experience.

I use the latest proven training and visual learning techniques to quickly develop all the skills you will need on your road ahead to pass your driving test. I will also help you to understand the methodology why you are doing something in a particular way and the reasoning behind it. After all, how can you be expected to do something confidently and with conviction if you don't fully understand the reason why?

Everybody learns differently, but by working as a team, we'll soon discover your best learning methods to take you on your journey. Learning lifetime skills that will stay with you for all of your driving years to come. Whatever your starting point, by working together, you'll soon be on your way!

My Ethos is not for you just to pass your test. But to work together and help you excel as an accomplished, safe and confident driver.

Everything will be done at your pace, building your confidence and ability. From our very 1st session, we will agree what our responsibilities and roles will be for that period. These can and will change as the lesson develops, but always on agreement.

This will help you to take on responsibility at the earliest stage, when you are ready, giving confidence and helping you to develop as quickly as possible. You should enjoy the experience and have fun learning!

The sooner you feel confident in your growing knowledge and road-craft, the quicker you will develop your new skills and be well on your way to becoming a good, confident and safe driver.

WHAT YOU GET: I am a professional dedicated, helpful, friendly, enthusiastic and empathetic driving trainer. I remember I sat in the same seat as you, with all of the same feelings of, nervousness, apprehension and excitement when I first started learning to drive. I will be there with you to help and support you throughout your entire driver training from whatever stage you are at.

My goal is for you to pass all of your driving tests with solid confident scores and enjoy doing it. I will provide you mobile phone apps' to help you with your revision practice, such as Hazard Perception, Road signs, Theory Practice and Highway Code. I may also send you certain aspects of some lessons, where you may need to think about that aspect, before the next lesson. (this will help to give us more time on the next session, so we don't have to re-track from the beginning on a certain subject, for example). Yes, there may be some homework sometimes if its needed!

You will also have your own personal progress logs to keep with you and help keep you motivated and for when you do any private practice. Using all of the above and working together as a team, will save you time and money in the long term, whilst progressing you through your driving experience as quickly as you confidently can.

Its important to remember, The more you put in to your driving from the very beginning, the more you will benefit and progress.

Please contact me for any information and enquiries.

I hope to work with you soon. All the best and good luck!