Plus Pass Certified Course.

Plus Pass Certified Course.

1 in 5 new drivers are involved in road accidents in their 1st Year of driving.

Plus Pass Is a minimum 6 hour course, covering driving modules designed to make you a more confident, considerate, skillful driver and more able to cope with situations in a calm considered manner.

*This course can save you £££’s on your motor insurance cover!

Modules covered:

• Town Driving 1&2.

•All Weather Driving.

• Out Of Town Driving (Rural & Country Roads).

• Night Driving.

• Dual Carriageways.

• Motorways.

Although some of these modules are covered for a normal driving test. Plus Pass is designed to give greater understanding, awareness and skill levels for a Full Licence Holder.

* please check insurance company for added discounts for Plus Pass Certified Drivers.