You may have never looked at a website aimed at 15-20 year olds, but your customers have. And so have we.

Companies like 'The BBC's Newsbeat' (aimed at our target market),
spend millions on website development and design.

The 'modern' website - like the BBC's 'Newsbeat’ site, above - are simple to follow, easy to access from any platform and have
regularly updated and interactive content so that fans come back to it as a 'Hub' of content and information.


It is broken down into simple 'boxes' with images and videos which attracts the eye to the headlines.
It follows other massively popular platforms’ design such as Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

The design works on all devices - not a 'web version' but the 'complete' site, with a considered design so that none of the look or
function is compromised.

It passes the '8 second test' by giving 'freebies' to encourage the casual surfer to
enter their details and engage with the content on the site.

It is a great example of how a website should be done for our target market - whether we as ADIs find it appealing is irrelevent -
it appeals to potential pupils.


By taking websites like this as a starting point - as a 'Hub' of information and content to come back to or be linked to,
rather than old style websites, we set about building a 'Hub' of information for you, fed into by Social Media and your pupils' interaction.

We drew inspiration from such 'modern' web design and built the SD Digital website from scratch, with aeshtetic appeal, user interaction,
functionality and SEO and social media as integral elements of this ‘hub’ concept

Hub's Design

Your ‘hub’, is broken down into simple 'boxes' - just like Google+, Facebook and twitter’s sites -
so that content is fresh, relevant and updated constantly and automatically - just how Google like it.

The design works on all devices - not a 'web version', diluted to fit the device, but the 'complete' site, with a considered design
that works on any size.

It passes the '8 second test' by giving 'freebies' (ie the free apps) to encourage potential pupils to enter their details and engage
with the content on the site.

The design is aimed at and focused for our target market so that it appeals to potential pupils,
feels familiar and works as they expect.


Whilst the design and layout of the Hub is carefully considered and built to optimise use, you can change almost every aspect of it
to make it your own so each site ‘hub’ has its own distinct 'feel'.

Of course, it will bear your logo, your name, details, images, and photos which will mean no 2 Hubs are the same,
but you can also pick from a range of 'styles' each with a range of colours to suit your school's image.

Changes can be made at the touch of a button - no coding or knowledge of web sites is needed.


You can add extra content - images, text, video - all at the touch of a button.
And if you have the ‘Extra Pages’ add on, you can easily add as many pages as you wish.


But to compete successfully in today's new media landscape, simply having an optimized website isn't enough.

You must now consider modern design and content, usability and conversion, and search and social media.
Just look at how Facebook, twitter and Google + now display their content.

Not only has the SEO technological market changed with new on - and off - page SEO considerations, but the way the consumer
views and consumes content has changed.

The modern website is no longer 'lists of information', it is a 'Hub' of all of your information;
a collection of all of your web presence content and social proof of what you do.

Your SD Digital Hub automatically adds regular weekly content, updates video and testimonials, links to your social media,
is optimised and managed for Google SEO.

Every aspect is considered and implemented.

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